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Curve Design Group (CDG) is the vision of Rod and Gregg.  With nearly 40 years of design and business experience, the two created CDG as a way to provide services necessary to anyone looking to bring their idea to life and then to market.  

At 24, with a can of green Play Doh, Gregg invented the quintessential "why-didn't-I-think-of-that" product - the Perfect Curve Cap Maintenance System.  Back when baseball caps came with flat brims, and when customers wanted them curved, his invention would revolutionize the industry, but not until he sold over 3 million units.  Gregg would go on over the next twenty years making sure he wasn't a "one-hit-wonder."  

With a passion for art and design, Rod saw the USA as a land of opportunity. After completing a degree in design from Guang Zhou University, Rod moved to Boston to continue his design education at Wentworth Institute of Technology.  While a student, Rod distinguished himself from his peers early on with creative thinking and design concepts beyond his years.  Upon graduation, Rod joined Gregg at Perfect Curve Inc. and thus started their partnership.  At just 28 years-old, Rod became head of design at Perfect Curve Inc., where he would receive many US patents.  With a curiosity for business, Rod went on to further expand his knowledge by receiving his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Northeastern University.  With degrees in both design and business, Rod has a very unique perspective on the entire product design cycle.

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