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Twenty-five years ago, Gregg Myles Levin, owner and partner at Curve Design Group, had an idea.  Like many others, it was an idea born from necessity - he needed something done, but there wasn't a product on the market to do it.  Having little money and no engineering or design experience at the time, Gregg turned to Play-doh to create the first prototype of what would become the Perfect Curve Cap Maintenance System.                        

From that original thinking has come 25 years of entrepreneurship creating innovative products which have been sold all over the world and at major retailers such as Wal Mart, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, The Home Depot, Lowe's, The Container Store and many, many more.  

Whether it's learning about running a business, trademarks, patents, raising money, designing a product, prototyping, material selection, packaging, retail displays, USA and foreign production, warehousing, shipping or any of the many other aspects of bringing a new product to market, Gregg has gained a wealth of experience over the years.  And, he's quick to give most of the credit for his success to the people he has surrounded himself with along the way.  For Gregg, the Curve Design Group represents the opportunity for other inventors/entrepreneurs/dreamers to have a single place they can go to get honest and experienced knowledge to help them with the many different aspects of bringing an idea to market.

Before becoming business partners at Curve Design Group, Guang Yu "Rod" Gao worked for Gregg for nearly 10 years as his Head of Design.  An artist (Rod runs an art school for young children), designer (Rod has design degrees from both China and the US) and businessman (Rod has his Masters In Business Administration from Northeastern University), Rod brings a very diverse and unique set of skills to every project.  For Rod, designing a product isn't just about what it looks like or how it feels, which naturally draws on his design education, but it also means being able to manufacture it, ship it, warehouse it and ultimately sell it so it makes a profit.  All too often product design can neglect the most fundamental aspects and realities of business and lead to failure.  Rod's approach and experience ensures that right from the beginning, product design and the business of bringing a product to market are considered together.  

Gregg and Rod's goal for the Curve Design Group is very simple - to help.  If they can help design or refine your idea or product, great.  If they can help you prototype your idea or package it, fantastic.  If you want to look at what it means to actually manufacture your product, either domestically or "overseas", they can certainly help with that, too.

It starts with just a conversation.  We'd love to learn about your project and discuss how we might be able to help.  Give us a call or email.

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